Sunday, February 20, 2005

My Musical Week Feb 20

Since I'm a musician, there is probably some connection
between whatever music I'm exposed to and my general
state of mind. As an exercise in self-indulgence (as if this
whole blog is anything but), I'll try to note which CDs
are travelling in the car with me. The car is the only
place left where I can actually concentrate on
LISTENING to music. Maybe I'll be able to chart
my rise to power (or descent into madness) this
way . . .

Within the past week, in no particular order:

Bantam - "Suicide Tourist"
Rahsaan Roland Kirk - "Compliments of the Mysterious Phantom"
Rahsaan Roland Kirk - "The Man Who Cried Fire"
Deni Bonet - "Acoustic, OK?"
The Last Poets - "The Last Poets"
Various - "Pot, Spoon, Pipe & Jug - Jazz Vocal and Reefer Songs"
Five Style "Miniature Portraits"
Alexis Korner's Blues Incorporated - "R&B from The Marquee"
The Yardbirds - "BBC Sessions"


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