Monday, October 24, 2005

Staying Busy : Phase 3 - Bonnie Raitt

Like I've said before, nothing beats down the depression
of knowing you're low on cash than having a pile of pre-bought
concert tickets to use up.

* Bonnie Raitt / Maia Sharp, Orpheum Boston *

A rare "date night" for me and Mrs. L - but an evening alone
is so rare it's hard to know what to do. Why isn't every
sentence interrupted? Why isn't there a "crisis" of some
kind every five minutes? Very weird.

This show was pretty good, though I could have done
with less "Kenny G-school" sax from Maia Sharp. And
by less, I mean none. Mr. G really did ruin that instrument
for just about everybody, didn't he....

But other than her saxual misconduct, I actually liked Maia.

Bonnie's band played a couple of different song arrangements
from the last time with saw them (3 years ago). Mrs. L
remains unimpressed by the guitar player...and it didn't
help that we saw him pre-show, shoving his way through
the crowd like a privileged prince or something..."Out of
my way, rabble!!!" No, she'll never forgive him now...HA!

On our way out on the T (Boston's subway/transit), we saw
that they are planning to replace the coin tokens with something
called a "Charlie Pass". UGH. "Charlie on the MTA"...get

Pretty stupid, if you remember that the point of that song was
that the fares on the T went up so fast that poor Charlie
had to ride forever because you used to pay as you got off
and he couldn't afford it!

Marketing genius.


Blogger Bud said...

I just love Bonnie Raite almost under any circumstance. A Charlie pass, huh. Good Lord.

8:46 AM  

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