Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Take The Damned Target Off My Back!

While driving home in the "midnight hour" the other night, happily cruising along at 65mph in the middle lane, I noticed a vehicle coming up behind me at about 90 in the left lane.

It's a pickup truck, and it veers right at the last moment and the (moronic) oversized tire of the truck hits the back of my car and sends me across the road into the right lane. I regained control of the car and saw that the truck hadn't even slowed down - in fact, it was now going FASTER. I am not a racecar driver, nor do I drive some overpowered sports car, so although I attempted to keep an eye on where the truck went, he was soon too far gone for me to ever catch up. Damage to my car seems to be mostly cosmetic, but still probably $500-700 worth. In other words, right around my deductible, so I'm just screwed. I hope whoever it was ended up wrapped around a tree later. But I'm not bitter . . . heh . . .

Then the NEXT day, on my way to the body shop to get the bad news, I was driving behind one of those recycling trucks on the highway. All of a sudden, plastic bottles started flying out of the top of the thing. One hit squarely on my windshield but fortunately didn't break or crack it. I got into a different lane but kept an eye on the truck - it continued to eject plastic bottles for a couple of miles.

Who the hell put a target on me??? And can they PLEASE remove it now?



Blogger Mrs. Mogul said...

Don' attract! Stay safe! People cannot drive!

1:08 PM  
Blogger Bud said...

I have a close friend who would just say, "what do you expect? It's Mercury Retrograde." I, on the other hand would just say, "Fuck those assholes."

1:46 PM  

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