Thursday, October 05, 2006

Transgression Thursday 9

Representative Frank Lasee (R) from Wisconsin has
proposed arming schoolteachers to "prevent school shootings".
Is this its own joke? Do I even need to make an effort here?
He claims "they do it in Israel". He doesn't mention that
(if I recall correctly) male citizens there are required to
have military training.
Are we going to require that all US teachers be former
military? Or are we just handing out the pistols?
Is this one more step in the march to militarize the
entire country? It reminds of the old "All in the Family"
show where Archie Bunker proposed giving every
passenger on a plane a pistol to prevent hijackings.

In the interest of....I don't know what....I've been monitoring
my blood pressure. Today it was 119/72. I have no idea
what that means, but if I correctly interpreted the little
chart on the machine, I'm not in danger of exploding.
Thanks for the info, health industry!
I'm really only competing with Mrs. L for low score.
The lowest score is 0/0, but the winner would be
unable to collect the prize.....

While I was sitting there having my arm squeezed, I noticed
the statement on the pharmacy wall: "We will not disclose
personal health information to coroners, medical examiners
or funeral directors without your permission."
PHEW! What a relief. I think if my health reaches the point
where I need any of those services, I won't care what
you tell them about my medical condition!!

On my way home the other day, I saw a truck from the
"Dog-Gone-It Pooper Scooper Service".
Their slogan is, "If you're not picking it up it's piling up!
Don't let it pile up, call Dog-Gone-It today!"
The plate on the truck was something like "SCOOP4U".
People hire outside help to pick up their dog poop?
Sure enough, I looked online and there are LOTS of
companies that do it. Weird. I mean, come on, put
in a LITTLE effort. I wonder if these customers also
hire someone to change their kids' diapers? Do they
only come AFTER the fact, or can they provide an
escort scooper vehicle, sort of like the fuel tankers that
refuel jets in mid-flight? Hey, this could make diapers

I forgot to bring my camera to the big Fair gig on
Tuesday. I attempted to do an audio blog from the stage
but apparently it didn't work. So, unless someone
else coughs up something, I have no audio, no video.
It also means I have no photos of headliner Chubby that bad or good??


Blogger Susan O'Neill said...

You had a fair gig and let me go off to Indiana not knowing what I'd missed? Hope the weather was good, and you had an audience!

11:34 PM  
Blogger Bud said...

Just tell us how chubby Chubby is these days. The dog poop thing-- I'm glad somebody's picking it up. I'll never have another dog and this is the primary but not only reason. Just can't get into pooper scooping. The guns for teachers scheme--hysterical if he wasn't so serious. I went into teaching to avoid the draft and guns and all.

7:33 AM  
Blogger hellomelissa said...

mr l, where are you? i miss your lugubrious transgressions. is that an oxymoron?? anyhow, i'm being patient while your blog clog drains, and here's sending you some spirit drano. cheers!

2:31 PM  

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