Monday, September 18, 2006

Here We Go Again

What do nice weather, a Red Sox/Yankees double-header and
a Patriots game (occurring on the same day) bring?

Idiots parking on my lawn, so they can enjoy the open-air "garage
entertainment lounge" across the street.

I was out all day and came home to find yet another vehicle on
my front yard. I've really had enough. The police have already
ticketed cars for being there, but apparently when you're
hosting your yahoo friends for televised sports and beer,
the law takes a backseat.

I yelled over, "Move the car NOW!" - I know they heard me.
When I'm pissed off my voice carries.

I waited 20 minutes. Nothing happened. So, jerk that I am,
I called the police. Funny - as soon as they pulled up, the
car's owner moved the car off my yard and into his buddy's
DRIVEWAY. Why wasn't it there in the first place?!?

Sometimes I almost miss living in a city, where your only
personal space is your own bedroom. At least you
don't have to constantly move people to claim what's
yours. Well, maybe not as often, anyway.
But I was much younger then.

That's what lawn furniture in winter is for, right?
Arghh!!! I hate those people, too....the ones who
think they can "own" a parking space on a city
street because they shoveled some snow.
All "space claims" need to be picked up by
the garbage trucks and hauled away. Maybe they
ought to just wait until the guy comes back with
his car and take that away, too. And his driver's
license. And maybe kick him in the ass, too,
while they're at it.

OK, I don't really miss living in a tiny city apartment,
now that I'm really thinking about it.

In fact, today I'm wishing I lived in one of those places
that are so rural, that if you SEE another person anywhere
on the horizon, it's OK to take them out because they're on
your property and don't belong there.

Have a nice day.


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