Monday, August 21, 2006

Stating the Obvious

Here we go again....

Heading into the election season, and guess what??? Gas
prices are suddenly coming down. Now why would THAT

Call me a cynic....but come ON....this is ridiculous. Are we
supposed to all say, "See? The Republicans are getting the
job done! Things are improving!!"

The worst part is, a lot of people WILL say just that.

You KNOW that this is just a ruse. As soon as the second
week of November rolls around, the prices will all go
back up...even higher than they've been before. But, hey,
if a few senate seats can be saved by tossing the public
a bone for a couple of months, why not? They'll make
up for it with some extra special dipping into the till later!

How about tax breaks for people who own more than
4 SUVs? They'll need help, especially when the gas
prices go back up.

And mansions are very expensive to heat....we should do
something for those folks unfortunate enough to own
huge homes. And of course, we should always remember
the plight of the "second homeless".....


This week, I'll be playing another gig where they
don't even have clothes....who's doing anything
for THOSE people???

Maybe I should play for free....nah....


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