Thursday, December 25, 2008

Ho! Ho!

Yes, that means YOU (you know who you are).
But in a good way . . .

Been up to my ears for over a month, may actually
post something soon. I wrote a new year's blues song
several years ago that never got recorded (or played
anywhere, for that matter). I'm considering doing
another bare-bones studio demo next week.
Can you feel the anticipation???

Invasion of relatives in less than six hours . . . must
vaccuum (that's 'hoover' for you overseas readers,
assuming you haven't all abandoned me).

We have one parking spot available and a minimum of
five cars coming. First come, first serve. Still too much
snow on the side of the road for street parking, I think.
We may have to start up a shuttle service to the nearest
mall parking lot!

Here's hoping you all have a good day, whatever it is
you do today.

[p.s. If you are a big city dweller . . . did "Pottersville"
really seem so bad???]