Thursday, March 31, 2005

Spring Finally Hits New Hampshire

OK - two straight days of temps in the 60s, motorcycles drowning
out all other traffic noise, my neighbour bitching about our fence
again. . . yep, it's officially spring. I actually had a relatively calm
discussion with the screamer next door (after she yelled at me, I
snapped, yelled at her, we yelled at each other, then I called a
halt and suggested we TALK). They don't like the way the fence
looks between our yards. I'll admit, it's ugly. It's in bad shape. It
was there when I bought the house. But, on the other hand, it's six
feet tall. She's only going to put up chickenwire - which means her
dogs will only bark at us MORE. So, I don't think so. The police
have told me she's got no right to tell me what to do
with a fence that's on my own land, even if it IS ugly. AND . . .
disturbing the peace IS a crime. So I think I'm going to start
tape recording her dogs (and HER screaming at them at all hours
of the night). The guys in the band suggested I point speakers
at her house and play the recordings back. Might be fun.

Hey, it's spring and I'm feeling playful. Wooooo hoooooo!!!!


Blogger aka_monty said...

See, now that's what I'd do...give her a little 'playback'.

Or you could just shoot the dogs. Whatever works.

10:21 PM  

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