Saturday, July 01, 2006

Bravely, Into The Abyss

I'm getting ready to go play a gig that is actually fairly typical
for the summer in these parts: the "fill-in drummer" gig.

For some reason, it's practically impossible in New England
to have the ACTUAL DRUMMER in the band play all the
gigs during the summer. And it's not like they miss ONE or
TWO due to a vacation - they seem to miss about 70% of
them. This has happened to me every year for over 20

So, where are they? What are they doing? Who knows,
and "drummer stuff" are the only answers I can find.
Usually it involves motorcycles or fishing.
What I can't figure out is, if they all like to be off doing
other stuff, how do they decide who stays home to
take the fill-in gigs?!? Is there a rotation?

I had to scramble this week to come up with a drummer for
an afternoon (5 - 8) gig. I went through my entire book of
names. Nothing. Then I called someone else for THEIR book of
names. Nothing. And then I called the guy who built my upright bass,
figuring, well, he's a bass player and must deal with this, too. He
gave me three names...trouble is, he's a jazz player, so those are the
players he knows.

Well, one of them has agreed to be a blues player for three hours.
I have no idea who this guy is, and I've never heard him play.
I sent him three CDs of our material, which he received
YESTERDAY. I assume he'll be listening to them in the
car on the way to the gig today.

For a brief moment, we thought we had picked up another
gig right after (and right down the street from) the first one....
but it fell through. Too bad - I'm sure the drummer would
know our stuff by the end of the second gig on the same day!

Or not.

Anyway, I fear I'll be spending all my time this afternoon giving
cues rather than doing any musical exploration myself.

Here goes.....


Blogger The Laughing Frog said...

Best of luck! Is this something unique to drummers? I can't recall anyone complaining about not being able to find a bass player.

10:47 AM  
Anonymous Mr. L said...

Hey! That's not funny...I need the cash!! :)

OK, well, this particular fill-in drummer was "the best floater we've ever had", according to my partner-in-musical-crime.

And I don't think he meant it in the goldfish sense.

3:05 PM  
Blogger Bud said...

Drummers! You only have to say the word to a musician and it is FULL of meaning, isn't it? That's why I use a drum machine.

8:03 AM  

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