Friday, April 15, 2005


Pondering the number 15 today....beyond its tax-filing
deadline significance - I filed my taxes and spent
my tiny "regular guy-sized" refund two months ago.

Let's think '15 minutes'.....

- if you're not 15 minutes EARLY to your appointment at the
doctor, they take the next patient. If you don't show up at all,
they bill you for their time...but they don't pay YOU for saving
them time!!! And they don't reimburse you if THEY are late.

- the sub/pizza shop in the town where I grew up quoted 15 minutes
no matter what you ordered. Pizza? "15 minutes."
Five different sandwiches? "15 minutes." A salad? "15 minutes."

- it takes my son AT LEAST 15 minutes to get dressed before
school. That time is slashed considerably on weekends, for some

- my car can burn about $1.30 in gasoline in 15 minutes. Well, that's
the 'good' car. The other (ancient) car probably burns $4 in gasoline
just by starting the ignition. But to tie it into the theme, that car gets
about 15 gallons to the mile! It's like owning a Hummer, without
the intimidation factor.

- there's always Warhol's "Fifteen Minutes of Fame". But, these days,
with people jumping at every opportunity to be on camera anywhere
and everywhere (think of the sports fans who go nuts every time
there's a crowd shot, for example), I figure the average person's
15 minutes are used up before he/she is very old.



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