Monday, May 30, 2005


There is a General Foods factory not far from where
I live that makes Jello. Whenever they are
manufacturing the instant Jello powder, the
smell fills the air for miles.

We were driving through the affected zone last
week, and my wife said, " . . . mmm . . . red."


Anonymous Melody said...

Huh, that's funny.

I clearly remember being with my partner Lyndon in England a few years back. We were visiting my sister and her partner and we ventured off to Windsor for the day. We went via Slough, purely for the smell of the town. Mars Bars. Mmm, Mmmm, Mmmmmmmmmm.....

1:03 AM  
Blogger Senior Thinking said...

we had a coffee plant. You could tell regular from decaf

10:59 AM  
Anonymous Mr. L said...

Nice ones! The town where I grew up had a mink farm. They fed them raw can imagine the smell!

6:57 PM  

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